Quarantine & Chill: Beauty and Wellness Edition

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Here are some ways to keep your sanity and make the most out of this trying time.

Get in a good head space

For me that simply means waking up and getting in a positive mood. Let’s be honest, some days it’s hard but it’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately. How can I wake up happy? Usually it’s when I’ve gone to bed relatively early.

Something else that helps me get out of bed and get the day started is when I don’t pick up my phone immediately after waking up. I do use my phone as an alarm during the week so it’s a bit hard not to just open apps and start wasting time. Some days I do it, some days I don’t. A big time-waster and mood-killer is looking at the news and/or checking my email in bed. I’ve learned that there’s nothing in there that can’t wait until I’ve gotten completely ready for the day. At this time, it’s really hard for me to completely avoid the news. Up until a couple weeks ago, I had gotten really good at it. That is, looking at what I find important and that being it! Really changed my doomsday attitude! You can still do this and be informed, by the way. I use Guardian World News website as my primary source of news. It gives me a bit of what’s going on everywhere without being too much.

Usually as soon as I make my way from under the covers for the day, I make my bed. And let me tell you, it’s such a small gesture but it feels fantastic looking at that masterpiece, as well as coming home to it.

Take Care of Your Face

Not gonna lie, this becomes harder the longer you wait to do it. If you get in the shower first thing in the morning, then you should have no problem with this. On the weekends, I usually lounge around a little bit longer before I get in the shower, usually because I am doing so before some kind of weekend activity. Then I find myself in a time crunch. Right now however, you can do this any time of day. Today I did it after my second mimosa and well into the afternoon. I kept saying to myself, “hey, Indya, do a sheet mask today. Your face is gonna thank you.” Just putting the “I’m going to do a sheet mask” thought in my head forces me to do a full routine. And yes, I think I heard my face say, “thanks, boo.”

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Do your makeup – if you want! During the week since I have been working from home, I have not been doing my makeup half the time. But I noticed when I do, I definitely feel more in work-mode, more productive, more confident.

Have a Bubble Bath

And watch a show! Might I suggest What We Do in the Shadows? I have probably watched it all the way through like 10 times… I do that (I’m not joking). Sometimes I just need a bit of background noise! About 99.9% of the time I take a bubble bath, I bring my laptop in to watch a show. I take at least an hour in the tub and almost always have some wine or something else to drink to help me relax and put me in a good mood. I am currently enjoying Antica Farmacista’s Iron Wood Bubble Bath. I mix that in with the Big Blue Bath Bomb from Lush for a luxurious bath-time experience.

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Brunch at Home

This morning I got up and did something I haven’t done in almost 10 years: I made myself some pancakes. And after I finished my two cups of coffee, I made myself a mimosa. Weekends are for brunch and since every place I usually go to for brunch is shut, I decided to have my own at home. Not the same ambiance, but definitely put me in a nice mood, as bubbles usually do. Wanna turn up? Facetime the person you usually go with! I wasn’t about to put my face on for all of that so drank some drank on my own and it was fine. Felt great after the first one and even better after the second! Wanna turn up even more? Dnice’s Instagram Dance Party is a V I B E. It’s like going to a day party that you don’t have to put pants on for πŸ˜‰. He starts is at 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern.

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Paint Your Nails

Painting my nails is a very simple way to feel better about myself. It’s something I do when I need a confidence boost. Currently rocking Dior’s Rouge en Diable. It makes me feel CrazySexyCool 😊

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Focus on things that lift your spirits

Burn some candles

Lighting a few candles around the house have the same effect as painting my nails for me. Sometimes, just seeing the candle burning or smelling the fragrance can put me in a better mood.

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Put your vacation spot on your TV

I felt a little bit silly looking for the perfect beach screensaver on YouTube but once it was up there and I paired it with some ocean sounds from Spotify using my Google Home Mini Speaker, it really, really, really helped me forget about the places I’d rather be than stuck in the house. Even after I turned the beach scene off and started watching TV, I kept the sound of the waves on in the background, as if I were still in paradise watching TV.

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Home Decor

I recently moved to another apartment and have been pretty into getting the decor right. I feel very, very strongly that home should be a place you love coming home to; a refuge, if you will. I have been using the app Houzz for a bit of inspiration. Sometimes what’s in my head doesn’t always translate to real life so I have been using it to kind of browse how I want the new place to come together. As a warning, it’s quite easy to go down the rabbit hole (!) so be smart with your time with this app! I have it on my AppleTV, too, so that when I come across a photo I really like, I can look at it as long as I want.

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Get yourself some flowers

You guys. I know flowers may not be a top priority when visiting the grocery store, but they really lift my mood. If I could find a faux pair that looks just as nice as the real thing, I would totally get some, but alas! I have not been able to find faux florals that don’t look faux, for a reasonable price.Waking up to these beauties, or just having a glance at them every now and then make all the difference.

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Work out your rage

Literally! A friend of mine got me into the Peloton App last year and it’s the only thing that has ever had me excited about working out!

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Cardio, for me, can really be an antidepressant. I used to be a person that only wanted to run outside, at the expense of getting shin splints. Since joining the Peloton fam, I am a convert to running indoors. No more shin splints! The whole experience can be uplifting; it’s like having your own set of personal trainers! Right now, Peloton is offering a 3-month free trial so sign up! I only got a 30-day trial and went in a total skeptic, but it was enough. I am now a subscriber and have no problem giving them my money.

Yoga is another form of exercise I find really good for my mind. I used to go to classes in DC for years, but my favorite teacher started a family and I struggled to find someone after that so I started practicing at home. And guess what?! The Peloton App also has yoga! My favorite instructor is Denis. He is pretty much every thing I look for in an instructor. I love his style, his voice isn’t distracting at all, annnnnnd he plays good yoga music.

I would also say, at this time, avoid exercises that make you feel like shit, meaning exercises that make you feel like you’re a weakling. I know that it’s supposed to burn and be unpleasant and push you out of your comfort zone to change you, but right now, I need to not feel like shit. So for me, I will probably avoid stuff like push-ups! If they come up in the app, I’m doing those suckers on my knees!

Keep your mind busy


I bought this Vampires coloring book from Amazon a little over a year ago in the midst of a depression episode. It contains two of the author’s coloring books in one publication. It really helped take my mind off of all life’s problems and kept me busy trying to not go outside the lines. I’m really into vampires, so this one seemed right up my alley. It appears to be out of print, but they still have Volume 1. I also got these colored pencils.

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com


If there is a book you have been wanting to read, see if it’s on Audible! You can listen and do other things, which is what I really like about it.


I’ve been saying how I want to learn French, and how the next time I go back to Paris, I will know more french. Well, I have not been able to put my money where my mouth is on that, but now is the time to break out the stuff I bought for that purpose! I also have the Podcast Coffee Break French on my phone which I used to be very consistent with. I don’t drive anymore, but when I did, I listened to an episode on the way to work.

French Grammar Cheat Sheet

Easy French Phrase Book

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com


Sometimes, journaling can feel like working out; it feels like a drag getting ready to do it, but once I start doing it, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. It really puts things into perspective when you write it down. And I like to say, once it’s on paper, that makes it real. I always feel better after writing down my problems or anything that’s ailing me.

Quarantine & Chill | bellanoirbeauty.com

Do all these things while listening to an easy-going playlist

I say easy-going because even though there are some songs I really, really love, but sometimes I just can’t listen to them because they are connected to too much emotion. At times, especially one such as this, I want to limit being all in my feelings. Here are a couple of my go-to Spotify playlists.

Yoga vibes: I made this playlist when I started practicing yoga at home. I can be really sensitive to certain noises when practicing so I decided to keep track of songs that get me into the flow without disturbing my zen. They are also really good songs to listen to on their own (in my own opinion!).

Chill: This playlist is a notch down from the previous one as far as mood. I focused on not putting anything too heavy on the beat here, as the playlist indicates, it’s for chilling out. And I mean really chilling out. There’s a lot of old school on here too, if you enjoy that. I have a thing for the guitar and the drums and you probably will too after you finish listening to this playlist (it’s going to take A WHILE).

Sometimes, you’re not gonna feel like doing all of these things, especially in one day, and that’s ok! Today, I did five of the easiest things on this list and it had me feeling good. How are you all holding up in this time?


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