imPress Press On Manicure Dorothy for Beautiful Neutral Nails

Hi there! Today I have a quick and cute show and tell for the imPress Press-On Manicure in Dorothy. Now, I have not experimented with press-on nails since I was… like 12? But there appear to have been some advances in the press-on nail game that warrant a try!

Last year, I was at a work event in San Diego and I complemented one of our consultant’s nails. Her response was, “girl… these are press-ons.”

I was astonished.

Fast forward several months later, I strutted into the Walgreens and picked up a pair. I had looked at the imPress website to try to predict what I would end up getting, and to just check out the inventory. The nails come in a compact box, with all the nails exposed so you can get a good idea how they look all together. The nails already have adhesive attached to the underside of them so all you need to do is peel and stick. There are different sized nails to fit different sized nail beds. The kit also comes with instructions and a push stick for your cuticles.

Kiss imPress Dorothy Press On Manicure

The nail application definitely have a learning curve. These are short length nails, and I didn’t think I had particularly long nail beds. However, applied correctly the largest thumb nail does not fit my entire nail. To remedy this, I thought I’d just leave a bit of space between the nail and the cuticle – just a little white of my real nail showing- well, this did not turn out so well. The small space allowed for the snagging of my hair every time I ran my fingers through it. Not great. You may need a couple applications to get it right and decrease the amount of snagging.

The nails are beautiful and they photograph like a dream. They start cracking (which was weird) in about 5 days with regular hand activity such as loading the dishwasher, cleaning, cooking. Just go along like you usually do – these things are strong! Removal is pretty easy but you need to be careful because the glue can remove the top layer of your nail. You can probably get a cute two weeks out of these nails, having to quickly replace one or two.

In short, I’d try these press-on nails again, but I wouldn’t expect to keep them on for long. In addition to walking in your local drug store, you can find imPress Press-On Manicures at Ulta, imPress, and Walmart.


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