LA Splash Lip Couture in Summer Bliss Review

On my liquid lipstick binge, I happened to come across this here Lip Couture in Summer Bliss from a company called LA Splash Cosmetics. After really trying to make this work, I wish I had better news.

This has got to be the most difficult liquid lipstick I have ever tried. Hell, probably the most difficult beauty product. I tried three times with this and could not leave the house in it. First of all, you absolutely cannot apply lip balm before you use this– it hates it! Which sucks because your lips will not have any moisture if you wear it by itself. Application is streaky and it dries down streaky. So you’re left with  streaky, matte, crackled looking, crusty lips |super extra side eye|. With lots of pigmentation! What a disaster. 


To get this looking as smooth as possible, I applied it using the side of the applicator wand, not the flat part. I lined and applied it first to my bottom lip and let it dry for 5 minutes. Then I did the top lip.

BEWARE: If you mash your lips together, wet or dry, this stuff falls apart. It cracks and fails! 

I managed to make it look as smooth as I could. It seemed like it would be ok after it dried down. I decided to do a smile test and smiled as big as I possibly could. Again, disaster! A cracked lip disaster. SMH.

Needless to say, I couldn’t leave the house in this. I do not recommend.



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