Love Your Edges: Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum

My hairline is thinning.

Yes… likely one of my worst beauty nightmares.

Anyone that wears extension, weaves, wigs, hairpieces — whatever you fancy — is concerned about their edges; that is the hairline surrounding the forehead. I’d really like to keep my edges, but my behavior isn’t really all that conducive to that desire. I still continue to wear my wigs and weaves (is it even possible to stop??) but I have stopped using the damaging combs and don’t braid my hair up tight when I do. Usually, I leave my edges out and place the wigs behind the hairline. Still, my scalp isn’t a fan of tightness and it’s starting to show. I know it could be so much worse, but I am consistently taking steps to reform and nurture that area to encourage hair growth.

The focus of today’s review is on Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum, from Reviv Serums! 

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum

RevivHair™ Hair Stimulating Serum is a novel next-generation leave-in serum that can help significantly boost hair thickness, fullness, natural color, strength and overall health. Powerful key ingredients help both men and women.

The ingredients are really scientific and exotic-sounding. Click here, the product’s website for an in-depth analysis; they do a pretty good job of describing the key ingredients and what they are supposed to do.

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

I have been using the serum for a little over a month so this review is a bit premature considering my hair grows at the pace of a drunk snail. However, I am happy to report progress! For a little background info, I have been using this serum once a day, consistently for the most part, in the morning. There may have been a 5-6 days where I didn’t use it. Nevertheless, I can still see where hair has grown in. I have only been applying the serum to my edges, and massaging in on each side for about 15 seconds.

Another thing to note is that I had a fresh relaxer in the “before” pictures. You will be able to see the change in texture in the “after” pictures. Sometimes, I relax my edges, but in general, I’m not due for a relaxer for another 3 months ( I relax every 4 months/16 weeks).

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum (

I’ve got half bottle of the serum left and expect to use it up by the end of June. I will write an update post at that mark. 

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum retails for $79.00, but is on sale for $49.00! I’m not sure how long that sale will last but if you have thinning edges and want to try to do something about it, this serum is worth a try. 

*This post contains products provided by Reviv Serums




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  1. Keish
    June 10, 2016 / 12:40 pm

    Maybe give your hair a one to two month break from the weave. Hair is resilient until the folicles are compromised, and it becomes harder for it to bounce back as we get older and lose some of a our estrogen. Believe me, I know. 🙁

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