Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack

Beauty is pain. And as far as this post is concerned, I mean that on all levels. 

Confession #1: I often do not read the directions on beauty products that seem like common sense. 

This is bad. Well, it hasn’t proved to be regrettable (yet), but I should really do better. The Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack is one of the products I did not read the directions prior to use. I just looked at the lady on front and put two-and-two together. I won’t even give myself the benefit of the doubt and say the directions are in Korean either; a normal person would be more inclined to look up the directions for that very reason alone!

Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack (

The mask is a peel off mask, which appealed to me because it immediately, in my head, translated to “this will be good for my pores and blackheads.” It has a twist-off cap in which the product is squeezed out. I slathered a thin layer all over my face. I read later, while the mask was drying, that you’re supposed to avoid your eyebrows. Fail. I did not avoid my eyebrows, but in the end it was ok because I managed to peel off the mask slowly. 

Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack (

Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack (

Confession #2: I had to bare my soul in publishing this post

I don’t have on a spot of makeup in this post, which is kind of a big deal for me. There are other posts where I am not wearing makeup, but this one really struck a chord with me. My skin hasn’t been in the best shape lately and it heals at a very, very slow pace after it’s been traumatized. I had to look at these photos for a long time before I became somewhat comfortable with them. I recently had a similar situation at work: I didn’t like any of the designs the design firm presented us with at all, but the meeting lasted an hour and the designs were up on the screen. After literally staring at them for an hour, I became more OK with them, but I still didn’t care for them. I was also outnumbered, but you guys don’t care about that lol.

On to the mask! The mask is quite easy to apply; it has the texture of honey and no scent to it. It goes on wet and takes about 10 minutes to dry down completely. When it’s dry, you will notice the glossiness of the mask; that means it’s time to peel it off.

Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack (

Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack (

Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack (

And it hurts. As I said, beauty is pain. Why do peel-off masks have to hurt? I mean a tear-jerker. I’m not sure why I felt like it wouldn’t. But it did. It feels like waxing, which I suppose is accurate. I even pulled it off slowly but it was still painful.

Mediheal APL Film Capping Pack (

After peeling the mask off, my face tingled for a good 15 minutes, and not in a good way. I was headed to the garbage to shove this thing in it, but then I had second thoughts and decided to see what the short- and long-term results were. And guess what? The results were great! After my face stopped tingling, I was able to appreciate how smooth my nose was! Blackheads gone! I was really glad I didn’t throw that package out, and glad it came in a twist-off package, and glad I can get another use out of it.

Beauty is pain. And my last confession is I really dig this mask and will suffer through the pain for a smooth, blackhead-free nose. I will just put in in the places I need it most, instead of all over my entire face. 

I purchased the mask from Hautelook but found it on Imomoko for $2.00.




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