The Blush Formula Everyone Went Nuts Over: Mac Extra Dimension Blush | Hard to Get

It seems like all of the bloggers and reviewers in the beauty world went nuts over Mac’s Extra Dimension Blush formula when these blushes were released last year. I was trying to taper my hype and wait it out to see if I still wanted it, and I did. Many months after these were released I finally picked one up in Hard to Get, a highly-raved after shade.

Mac Extra Dimension Blush Hard to Get |

Mac Extra Dimension Blush Hard to Get |

Mac Extra Dimension Blush Hard to Get |

Mac Extra Dimension Blush Hard to Get |

Mac Extra Dimension Blush Hard to Get |

Mac Extra Dimension Blush Hard to Get |

My skin type

Oily; I have texture issues on my cheeks from acne scarring as well as some dark markings.

What it’s supposed to do

From the brandA modern hybrid blush combining the smoothness of a cream, blendability of a liquid and finish of a powder with long-wearing color and prismatic reflections.

How I use it

I take a tapered blush brush, which is naturally dense, and pat the product on to my cheeks. I needed about four layers to achieve the pigmentation shown above. It doesn’t emphasize, nor does it disguise the texture of my cheeks.

What I like about it

If you like cream blushes, which I do, I think a lot of people will understand what all they hype was about the Extra Dimension Formula. It’s not cakey and can be layered on beautifully. The blush reminded me a lot of ColourPop’s Bardot, which I find thicker in texture on application and much more pigmented. The blush is long-lasting and my oil production does not make the color fade.

What could be better

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the formula as much as everyone else and that likely has everything to do with the shade I chose. I prefer pigment over layering for my skin tone mainly because it’s just easier for me that way. While I appreciate the fancy formula, I should have chosen something a bit more pigmented – again nothing against the blush’s performance itself aside from lack of pigment. I chose between this shade and Wrapped Candy and I feel I would have loved it more had I chosen the more plum-based shade,

Joy Factor

Where to indulge

Mac | Macy’s | Dillard’s


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