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There’s not one Make Up For Ever purchase I regret. This is a brand that I will continue to sweat and praise because they offer quality products at a reasonable price point and they don’t leave any skin tone out. So when they released the Artist Liquid Lipstick ($20.00), there was no hesitation to go check them out.

My skin type

My lips are naturally dry. I tested this liquid lipstick with and without lip balm.

How I use it

The lipstick goes on opaque. It’s got that traditional doe foot applicator liquid lipsticks usually have.

What I like about it

I love the color! I love the formula! The quality is excellent as well, exactly what I expected from Make Up For Ever. I love that the price point actually matches the amount of product you get. I love Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipsticks but the problem with those is that they run out way too fast because you get so little product (0.08 oz split between a gloss and the actual lip product). This one is also 0.08 oz of all liquid lipstick but cheaper than the Aqua Rouge so win, win, win!

What could be better

There’s nothing that I gave a side-eye to with this product. The ooonnnnnly thing I can say is that I wish there were more shades. After swatching all of the available shades, 109, a.k.a. Praline, was the only one I felt confident would look great on me, or wouldn’t make me look dead.

Joy Factor

On a scale of 1-10, this liquid lipstick is a 10!

Where to indulge

Sephora | Make Up For Ever




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