My Favorite Short Hairstyle- Ryan from the Vanessa Collection

Pleasant good evening to you all!

I wanted to tell you guys about my absolute favorite short (not Bob!) hairstyle to date. I usually do not like the way I look with short hair but an exception was made for this beauty. If you are familiar with my YouTube page then you have already been introduced to Ryan. If not, sit back and enjoy!

This is actually a wig from the Vanessa Fifth Avenue Collection. I purchased it in a 1B/30 from The wig is not that shiny and the highlights are subtle but beautiful. It looks very natural. I love the cut of the wig as well. Ryan is unlike any other short do I have had. I am wondering, though, if it is because it is almost a bob. Short hairstyles with long bangs seem to suit me.

Let me know if you all have any questions for me. This is definitely a wig I would repurchase. With constant wear, it will last you six months. And of course, I never slept in the wig.


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