My Hair is Falling Out. Here’s What I’m Going to Do to Fix It

Wigs are a gift and a curse, man. I love them so much because it makes managing that part of my life incredibly easy, plus I really love long hair. Lately, I have had the repetitive thought that maybe I should just shave it all off and start all over. I mean, I do go natural for two years and it was fine, but the thing that makes me hesitate is that I ended up relaxed again. Now, I wore wigs while natural as well and I didn’t have this problem. Now that my hair is literally weaker I have noticed a few things:

My edges are balding and my hairline is receding. Every since I started using the Got2Be glued in the yellow tube, they have been thinning and thinning. Well one day I just wanted to get home take my wig off and rest and I didn’t use anything to remove it and I literally felt my hair ripping out. I knew right away what had happened because it hurt!

What I’m doing to fix it: Since then, I just tried to refrain from putting the gel on my hair and have been using a stocking cap. Inevitably, a little bit still gets on there but not nearly as much. This has helped some, but it hasn’t fixed my main problem. Additionally, I have recently started massaging Jamaican Black Castor Oil into my hairline a few times a week.

My hair has gotten shorter and weaker. I gave myself a trim a few days ago but I haven’t cut my hair in a long time. My ponytail looks like a piglet’s tail and that was not the case a few months ago. As I mentioned before, I am relaxed but I am not a relaxer maniac. I could definitely use a touch up but I’m not ready yet. I was wearing my hair in cornrows underneath my wig and when I took them out I definitely noticed a lot of my hair was coming out. I realize humans shed hair every day and it’s natural for that hair to come out since I hadn’t been messing with it but I don’t keep my cornrows in that long, and there’s a lot of hair coming out of the comb. In addition, my hair became uneven and my ends were wretched looking before I trimmed it.

What I’m doing to fix it: I don’t put small cornrows in my hair anymore. I feel like I lose less hair when I just pull my hair back and put a scrunchie in it. It makes combing and detangling it a lot easier too. If I do braid it, I will just do two or three large plaits or two big cornrows.

I recently purchased some biotin gummies, so I’m going to see if those make a difference. They should, I mean it’s science! I’ve also started putting aloe vera gel in my hair. I’m not sure how that’s going to turn out, though. Once it dries, my hair feels kind of crunchy. I do like that it doesn’t leave it feeling greasy.

I am also going to start paying more attention to it. My boss told me something interesting yesterday about food prepared from scratch: if people just take the extra time and energy to make it from scratch, they would be able to tell the difference. I was reminded of that when dealing with my hair last night. The thing about this whole ordeal is that I know better…! I know I should not be taking my wig off dry when I’ve use Got2Be; I know better than to use Got2Be directly on my hair; and I know that wigs f*ck up your hairline. But it is inevitable that we do things that we know better to do, but do it anyway out of pure convenience.

I am going to try my best to make sure my hair is rarely thirsty, properly oiled and supplied with vitamins to help it out. I’ll report back if and when I see noted progress!


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