Nails Inc. Primrose Hill Gel Effect Nail Polish Review

On a somewhat recent trip to Sephora, I came across a beautiful nail polish from Nails Inc called Primrose Hill Lane ($15.00). It was attractive to me not only for the gorgeous color, but also for the gel effect the polish claims to have. Of course it was sold out in store, and also on their website, but I managed to find it online at Saks! Snatched it up real quick! It is described as a “smoked lilac” which I totally get because of the gray undertones. I found that while outdoors, the lilac is very much apparent, but indoors the gray undertones shine through more and it appears more blueish to me (could just be my eyes). Either way it’s soooo pretty. I also had the thought that this also reminded me of a spring color, but it is great for winter as well. I see this in my heavy-rotation future.

The brush is nice and wide; three strokes and one coat and I was set! I did add another coat because… well that’s what I normally do with polish! Also, for a pastel, I was quite surprised to find that it wasn’t streaky! 

I love love love the polish and that’s probably the reason why, after three days when it started chipping, I didn’t feel too salty about it. I hear getting the Kensington Gel Top Coat really helps and I am pondering it. One thing to note is that I was cleaning my earrings with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol when I noticed the polish was chipping on one hand. So no rubbing alcohol with this; it hates it. It looks great against my skin tone and I reckon it would look just as great on anyone. I thought I had a close dupe to this in my collection but I don’t have anything lilac with gray undertones. So far, I am a fan of Nails Inc and I highly recommend this polish!

Once again, I ordered it online at Saks. I just got an email this morning for 15% off (one time use 🙁 so I can’t share it) for 2 days only and to my surprise, it applies to beauty so sign up for those emails! 

Also use code FREESHIP or HOLIDAY for free shipping!



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  1. Unknown
    December 23, 2015 / 6:14 am

    Beautiful color! I love purple. It must match my mermaid prom dresses so well.

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