Forever 21 Now Sells K-Beauty!

I hope I’m not late to the party, but if I am, it’s totally new to me! I can’t even remember what I was trolling for — I think cucumber sheet masks — when I happened upon Forever 21’s beauty section. I raised an eyebrow when I saw Holika Holika and Peripera amongst the products! 

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I’ve come across a few brands I haven’t heard of such as eChoice and Baroness but I must say, I’m willing to try them. I’m honestly quite surprised they didn’t do this sooner — Forever 21 is Korean (at heart — its founders are from South Korea) after all. 

I believe I now have a reason to go hard at Forever 21, once again. I hope I see a lot more variation in the near future as the stock seems limited. It would be a nice source of Kbeauty!

P.S. I also spied other brands like Nudestix, Lord & Berry, and Billion Dollar Brows on their website.




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