Calm Down Skin! Aritaum Fresh Essence Mugwort Sheet Mask Review

My skin is in awful shape right now. And of course that happens just when I start to feel good about it (side eye). I had a major breakout roughly a week ago, and it wasn’t acne. I’m not sure what it was; the dermatologist says some kind of contact dermatitis which makes sense (I guess) because I have been testing some new skin care items. It hasn’t gone away and I feel like everyday there’s a new bump somewhere.

I’m doing what I can to finger what exactly has caused my skin to react this way (it’s also on my hands and collarbone), and I think I have narrowed it down to two or three things. It is getting better, but it’s leaving dark marks on my skin; I just want it GONE! Anyway, whenever I feel bad about my skin or just need to pamper myself, I pull out a sheet mask. Today’s review will be on the Aritaum Fresh Essence Mugwort sheet mask.

Aritaum Fresh Essence Mugwort Sheet Mask

Aritaum Fresh Essence Mugwort Sheet Mask

It’s supposed to “help improve your skin’s health.” The main ingredients are water and citrus paradisi fruit (grapefruit) extract (4th). Mugwort, or artemisia princeps leaf extract, is curiously sixth on the list. There are some other good-looking ingredients after that, but I doubt in high enough concentrations to actually do anything.

Citrus Paradisi Fruit Extract (grapefruit)

Skin conditioning

Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract (Japanese mugwort)

Anti-inflammatory; anti-infective

Physical properties
This is a well-fitting sheet mask; it almost covered my entire face. I generally have problems getting sheet masks to reach the very top of my forehead and to extend all the way to my ears. This one fit me quite well, but I did have a tiny slither of space left by my hair line. My nose is almost never completely covered with sheet masks but this one was better than most. Generally in areas where I can’t get full coverage, I take the excess essence left over in the sheet mask and slather it there. This includes my eyebrows and nose area. There was also enough essence left over in this sheet mask to rub on the front and back of my neck.

really liked the smell of this mask. It smelled like cucumbers to me and a mixture of something very fresh. It lingers around for a bit after removing the sheet mask but isn’t intruding. I do not like scent in my skin care, but sometimes I make an exception for pleasant smells that don’t overpower me.

Aritaum Fresh Essence Mugwort Sheet Mask

Aritaum Fresh Essence Mugwort Sheet Mask

I left the mask on for 15 minutes and it was certainly ready to come off by then. I felt my pores open up within three minutes of having the mask on. Overall, this sheet mask seemed to calm my inflamed skin down. It left my skin brightened and elastic — that’s a new one for me. I followed up with my Oz Naturals retinol serum, which is nearly gone, and Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (review to come). Very satisfied with this sheet mask!

I’m pretty sure I purchased this in a store in New York for a dollar or two, but you can find Aritaum sheet masks on Amazon by the pack, which includes this one.




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