Nest Rose Noir & Oud Candle | Review

Nest Rose Noir & Oud Candle |

Staying at home means burning more candles. I picked up the Nest Rose Noir & Oud hoping it would smell similar to one of my favorite fragrances, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood. Well, it definitely doesn’t, as that’s way more musky, but I still enjoy the scent.

The scent is surprisingly so different from what I imagined it would smell like. It smells like flowers, but not specifically roses, and it’s got a powdery scent to it. If you are a person that does not like powdery scents, you probably won’t like this one. It’s a unique scent to me, I don’t think I have ever smelled anything quite like it. It reminds me of something incredibly feminine and dainty.

Nest Rose Noir & Oud Candle |

You will be able to smell this candle, even when it isn’t lit. I keep this candle in my bedroom on my dresser. When it is lit, it fills the entire room with its presence, and I can even smell wafts of it from the living room (which is close to my bedroom). If you’re in the market for a feminine, unique smelling candle, check out Rose Noir & Oud. I imagine this one is going to last me while, as I only have it lit for a couple hours at a time.


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