New, Elegant Candles I’ve Been Burning

I have a few new candles I’ve been burning or burned around the house and I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

The Saint James Collection Summer Orchids

The Saint James Collection Summer Orchids is likely the best smelling and best performing candle I have ever had the pleasure of burning. I received this candle as a gift and was surprised to learn that they are made right here in Washington, DC. It feels good to support a local, small business.

Brand description: Reminiscent of delicate blooms along saltwater beaches. A warm and elegant blend of Orchids, Jasmine and Lilies with a woodsy base.

Yes, it is warm and elegant and smells like a sweet garden without the herbaceous scent. It has a wooden wick that you can hear faintly flickering when burning. My favorite part about this candle is it smells up the entire room in 10 minutes or less. I am not exaggerating. It burns evenly and has lasted me longer than I thought it would based on how often I am burning it. It’s wonderful and I will definitely be purchasing more. I love the simple yet sophisticated packaging, too, and the colors are right up my alley – I’m a black-and-white-Moira Rose-type. ❀

Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn

I love Kasey Musgraves. When I saw Boy Smells released a candle in her name, I obviously had to grab it up. This purchase was a gift, but I would repurchase this for myself in a minute. Giving candles as a gift means you get the benefit of enjoying the candle as well. πŸ˜‡ I hadn’t familiarized myself with Boy Smells before getting the Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn candle, and I was pleasantly surprised at how elegant this candle was. 

Brand description: “Glowing and dark β€” incense, black pepper, and guaiac wood take center stage with whiffs of embers in the distance. A little dank, a little crisp: accords of smoked papyrus and amber add an earthy expensiveness. Commanding, but not in a hurry, like the last sips of a Negroni at the bar down the street, expressed through hints of elemi and tonka bean. The ‘scentiment’ of SLOW BURN is about pausing along the way to relax and enjoy exactly where you are right now. Burn in a hurry.” -Kasey Musgraves

This candle got burned almost every night. It’s sexy, it’s gorgeous, and it smells magnificent. Definitely more on the masculine side, if you will, but still very nice and I’m into it.

Jo Malone Orange Bitters

I had high expectations for the Jo Malone Orange Bitters candle. I kept meaning to buy this for at least a year, and finally I got my hands on it this holiday season. I sniffed this in-store a year or so ago, but was there for gift-giving reasons and changed my mind about getting it right then. The candle I received has a very soft scent. It does not smell like oranges to me, which was actually one of the reasons I fell in love with it. To me, there is a faint citrus scent behind it with notes of honey and something else sweet smelling.

Brand Description: Sprinkle a little stardust over any celebration with the luscious scent of Orange Bitters. A delectable cocktail of sweet and bitter orange with the warmth and sensuality of sandalwood.

It’s a classy and elegant candle, but it’s no Pomegranate Noir. I’m wondering if the formula was modified. They did change the container. It’s now got a silver label and a silver lid. It’s definitely a must if you aren’t into full-bodied candle fragrance.

What candles have you all tried recently?

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