The Perfect Pale Pink Nail Polish – Olive & June Pink Sands

New nail polish alert! I recently came across a nail polish I found breathtakingly pretty – and it was from a brand I hadn’t recalled hearing of. This beauty is the Olive and June nail polish in the shade Pink Sands.

Pink sands is a neutral, cool pink with white undertones and really complements my skin tone. The brand calls it a sunbleached pink and I’m feeling it. Perfect for summer (and really all year around).

I am in between nail lengths at the moment; I usually keep my nails trimmed close to my fingertips, but I’m experimenting with longer nails (they grow stupidly fast… wish my hair would do that!). So far, I have managed to take the skin off the back of my right hand, by accident of course. This may not last very long lol.

In addition to being very pleased with the look of the nail polish, I love the brush! With the brush flat on the nail, I can almost paint my entire nail in one swoop. It’s not streaky and I used two coats to achieve this look. I do highly recommend a good base coat and a good top coat with this polish (or wear gloves when you clean). I usually get three days of chip-free nail polish when I paint my own nails so it’s aggravating when I find chipped tips after scrubbing the kitchen. Again, that’s my fault. Use a base and top coat (I just used Seche Vite for drying purposes)!

I do reckon I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this shade. I also purchased another shade called JM and I’m keen to use that one as well. Olive and June have quite a few shades of polish on their website, which is the only place I was able to find it. Let me know what shades I should try next!


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