Scientific Sheet Masking: Mediheal EGT Timetox Ampoule Mask

I was really excited to try the Mediheal E.G.T. Timetox Ampoule Mask because of the scientific phrase, “epidermal growth therapy.” Yes, I’m a huge nerd. This was my first Mediheal mask, and it won’t be my last. 

Mediheal EGT Timetox Ampoule Mask

This mask has sooo much essence. I happen to love masks drenched in essence, but I know there are some folks out there that don’t. This one has a lot and a lot left over in the package to rub wherever you need some extra moisture. In the mask’s directions, it instructs the user to use a mask 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks for best results. 

Mediheal EGT Timetox Ampoule Mask(

Mediheal EGT Timetox Ampoule Mask(

I try and get primary information about product claims directly from the company’s website. I bought this mask as a single piece, likely from memebox or beauteque but I wanted an accurate description of what exactly this mask was supposed to do:

The ingredients of our dreams E.G.F and peptide and Astaxanthin recover elasticity of the skin from deep within the skin to its epidermal layer, and it is a mask sheet with skin filler concept that tightens and fills the skin. After your first use, your skin immediately feels firmer & lifted. Long term use, not only it improves sagging skin, delay aging problems caused by loosen skin and it also promotes skin regeneration.

I’d buy a box of these for that. However, the key ingredients that are supposed to make this mask effective aren’t up high enough on the ingredients list to make a huge impact. So, if anything, I would use this again, primarily because it’s a good moisturizing mask, and also because it fit my face pretty well. 

Mediheal EGT Timetox Ampoule Mask(

Mediheal EGT Timetox Ampoule Mask(

Mediheal EGT Timetox Ampoule Mask(

I left the mask on for 20 minutes; it was quite moisturizing and left my skin temporarily tight-feeling and supple. 




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