Sephora Collection Citrus Brush Cleaner | Review

I picked up the Sephora Collection Citrus Brush Cleaner ($11.50 for 4 oz.) because I had run out of my cleaner from Cinema Secrets and wanted to see what else was out there.

Besides its cleaning power, my favorite thing about this brush cleaner is the scent! It smells very citrusy, but not like oranges and I like that. It cleans just as well as the Cinema Secrets cleaner in my opinion. I spray two or three pumps depending on the brush and use a paper towel to swipe the brush back and forth on. I do this until it wipes clean or there is little makeup left over on the brush.

The cleaner is made by a company called Parian Spirit, a company I hadn’t heard of before I noticed the subscript underneath the Sephora logo. As it turns out, the company provides makeup brush cleaners for a variety of well-known brands, including Cinema Secrets!

This is a great cleaner to use in bewteen washes. Highly recommended!




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