Shark Sauce for Hyperpigmentation (on Darker Skin)

Hey ya’ll. Today, I bring you my Shark Sauce review!

If you don’t know already, Shark Sauce is a concoction put together by Chel over at In the screen shot of my instagram post above, you can see all of the praise I shower on her for creating this juice and on Angela and Renee over at Beautyandthecat for introducing me to it. Now that I have been able to test it out for a sufficient amount of time, I can shower more praise on Chel because the stuff actually does work.

I did my absolute best to take before and after photos in the same lighting, with the same camera. I have pinpointed a few spots that I had been keeping an eye on. It’s easy to think that something isn’t working when you are really into instant gratification, but I am so glad I was dedicated to this and took photos (I usually don’t because –> lazy<–). The photos speak for themselves:

The angry cat signifies a new spot that I got. 

Here is what I did while implementing the shark sauce in my regimen:

A.M. routine:

  1. Alternated washing my face with either black soap or Murad AHA BHA Exfoliating Cleanser; also intermittently Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Complexion Clearing Clay
  2. Innisfree Green Tea Mist (review here)
  3. Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads (20% glycolic acid) every 3 days (review to come)
  4. Shark Sauce all over mah face!
  5. Alpha Hydrox Retinol Night ResQ cream every other day, not to coincide with the Glycolix Treatment Pads
  6. Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream
  7. Biore UV Perfect Face Milk Sunscreen

P.M. routine:

  1. Washed face with black soap
  2. Innisfree Green Tea Mist
  3. Shark Sauce all over mah face!
  4. Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

Another thing to note about the Shark Sauce, is that I really like the way it makes my face feel after using it. I didn’t find it sticky or anything, and only takes moments to dry down. It has no smell that I can detect. Every now and again, I will use a sheet  mask right after using it, and am currently experimenting with Derma Roller, a micro needle device you roll over your face (have had this for a while but really inconsistent about using it. The one I originally purchased seems to have vanished from Amazon)! Yes, needles — hundreds of them. Needle –> Shark Sauce –> Sheet mask. 

I will continue to purchase Shark Sauce as long as it’s available! There are also sample sizes, in case you just want to try it out. I recommend getting a full size though because it sometimes goes out of stock. 




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