Skinfood Lemon Brightening Morning Cleanser Review

To jump right in, the Skinfood Lemon Brightening Morning Cleanser has proven one valuable lesson: everything that glitters ain’t gold. When I saw “lemon” in this cleanser, I jumped on it because my skin normally responds well to skin care with lemon in it. Well, this one was curious to me. I tried and tried to convince myself that this was the cleanser for me. But it just left my skin feeling nasty; and it didn’t do much of anything besides clean. It’s described as:

A lemon-infused morning time cleanser that eliminates overnight buildup with airy light foam, leaving skin clean, fresh, and soft.

Yes, it cleans the face, but it definitely does not leave my face soft. You all know how much I love that squeaky clean feeling the liquid black soap I swear by gives me. Well, basically, this is like washing your face with laundry detergent; the powder kind. My face is so dry after using this cleanser, it feels like I’ve washed my face with some chemical; this is coming from someone with very oily skin. I’m not sure what ingredient makes it feel that way, but I’d love to find out so I can steer clear of it.

Another thing to note is that you must shake this every time before use because it separates in the tube for some reason. If you don’t shake it, you’ll get liquid stuff instead of the true texture pictured below.

Steering clear of unrecognizable ones…

I used this for over a month before giving up on it. To make this short story even shorter, I don’t recommend this for anyone that has skin…





  1. Keish
    July 1, 2016 / 9:03 pm

    I didn't know you had this. Jesus, what DONT you have from Korea??

    Agree to skip this whole line all together. I used the brightening cream in an effort to treat acne scarring. Instead, It left bright patches on my face where acne scars once were. So I went from having hyper pigmentation to hypo. Sad face.

    • Bella Noir Beauty
      July 2, 2016 / 12:25 pm

      Yas honey, my Kbeauty game is quite strong! At this point, I will take the patches over these marks of the devil!

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