The Kat Von D. 24 Hour Super Brow Pomade Is Putting Other Brow Products To Shame! | Graphite

The Kat Von D. 24 Hour Super Brow Pomade |

Who knew this unassuming looking jar of brow pomade would rock my world in its entirety? Kat Von D has recently released a Super Brow Pomade claiming 24-hour, waterproof magnificence. Yes it’s magnificent. No I haven’t worn it for 24 hours awake. Yes, you should continue reading.

The Kat Von D. 24 Hour Super Brow Pomade |

The Kat Von D. 24 Hour Super Brow Pomade |

My skin type

I have sparse brows and that can be a double-edged sword but in this case it is not a problem because this pomade is ah-mazing!

What it’s supposed to do

From the brand: Kat Von D stretched the boundaries of innovation to create the weightless, waterproof formula she’s always wanted but hasn’t been able to find. Saturated with as much pigment as possible, this high-pigment brow pomade delivers budge-proof brows that don’t come off until you want them to.

How I use it

I use an angled liner brush to fill in my brows. The saying, “a little bit goes a long way” is in full effect here! I use less than half the amount of the Kat Von D Brow Pomade than I do the ABH Dip Brow. I very lightly tap the brush against the surface of the pomade, applying no pressure at all. The pomade is unbelievably pigmented and I usually only need to tap the brush against the pomade twice to get a natural brow like the one above. If necessary, I take a brow brush or softer spoolie and blend/groom the pomade. I do this about half the time, depending on how dark I make my brows.

How long I used it

I have been using this pomade since it first came out and I cannot put it down!

What I like about it


While there is a major learning curve to the pomade, I was able to get it down fairly quickly. You learn right away how gentle you need to be with it. At first, I didn’t like that it was overly pigmented but I love the outcome so much I have barely even reached for my Dip Brow. And because this is so pigmented, I can see this lasting twice as long as Dip Brow.

Now, I feel like I am still in the honeymoon phase of use so I am not sure how long this would take to dry out, or if it even does dry out. I have been pretty good at keeping it capped, but did slip up one day and came home to find that I had left the lid off of it. It still worked as good as new and I didn’t detect any changes in the performance.

I also love the price ($19.00)! I really do feel like this certainly competes with Dip Brow and is on track to be a Holy Grail brow product for me!

What could be better

It turns out I don’t have much use for products that are waterproof, so I have not been able to test that claim. I will say I slept in my makeup one night using this and the product was noticeably removed so I am skeptical about the waterproof claim.

Again, there is a learning curve and I would definitely consider it to be a professional product; not very beginner friendly. However, with practice I think most people will be able to figure out how to use this. Other than that, I’ve got nothing critical to say about the product.

Joy Factor

Where to indulge

Kat Von D Beauty | Sephora


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