Top 3 Summer Sun Care Favorites

Summer is in full force in my neck of the woods and the sun and humidity are pretty unrelenting. Here’s a little summary of my current favorite sun care items for commuting, taking walks, and pool days.

The one thing that has been providing me the most protection are my hats! My favorite one right now came from Amazon and shades my forehead, neck and shoulders, and it doesn’t even look that big on my head. I love it because it allows me to wear my hair up in a ponytail or bun and it doesn’t interfere, nor does the Velcro snag at my hair in the back. I first purchased the natural color and then went back for the blue. I will likely pick up the black one too. These hats pretty much go with me whenever it’s really sunny and/or I am expecting to be outside for an extended period.

Sunscreen can be a bit of a deterrent for me due to its white cast situation, but the skincare industry has gotten better about producing sunscreens that have minimal or no white cast. The Biore Watery Essence Aqua Rich Sunscreen has no white cast at all and provides sun protection of SPF 50+. It goes on seamlessly over moisturizer with no pilling.

Another sunscreen I have been reaching for also doubles as a moisturizer and works well for my combination skin. It’s the Coola Refreshing Water Cream Face Sunscreen and when I use it, I don’t use any other moisturizer. I use one pump for my whole face, avoiding my eyelids because as the day progresses, the cream seeps into my eyes. On the plus side, no white cast in sight.

Those are a few of my favorites in sun protection. The best possible thing I do for sun protection is find shade, but these few items certainly help protect my skin even more.

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