Wrapping Up May

The cherry blossoms near my house, gone in April



A constant in makeup

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I am loving my Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation. I am used to full coverage foundation such as Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet+, but the Armani foundation has been giving me life since I bought it. I really don’t see an end in sight. 

Scent I’ve been reaching for…

Stella McCartney, Stella.


YSL Brun Henne and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Red Eye


My next beauty purchase…

Either more Kiko items or some Korean cosmetics.

I’ve been lusting after…

The Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color Eyeshadows

It’s time to retire…

Some of my makeup brushes.Currently in the market for a new blush brush and stippling brush.

Most recent discovery

Bordeaux. Hey! Wine has resveratrol in it so it must be good for your skin (my flawed logic?)! Plus I enjoy it. Usually I am partial to full-bodied Cabs but I had a really good (and expensive) one today. Also I look better in aviators than I thought I did. 

Beauty blog I’m loving

The Non-Blonde. I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t be inspired by her (this post was actually inspired by her). Such a lovely and pleasant blog.

Makeup rant

I really wish Make Up For Ever would put more eyeliner in the Aqua Liner. I run out soooo fast!

Impulsive buy

The three items from the new Kiko store down the street.

I’ve rediscovered

Silicon mix deep conditioning hair treatment (review to come soon).

Curious about

Korean cushion makeup and the possibility of making my own. I’m hesitant because I have super oily skin and am under the impression the sponge breeds bacteria and will break me out. 


I’ve totally been neglecting it. I gave it a 2 3 hour treatment last night. I’m still wearing the full lace wig from AliExpress and it is going strong. I’ve been saying I’m going to lighten it for the summer but haven’t gotten around to it. 

What I need, not what I want

The simplest things get away from me. I have been out of cotton squares for weeks! My EOS balm is also on its last leg.

Slacking off on

Taking my biotin. I remember when I leave it next to my everyday makeup. Then I clean my counter and forget about them. I need to do better.

Obsessing over 

Totally beauty unrelated, but Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. I’m not ashamed either. 

Destination makeup

I am going to Cancun tomorrow. I have no knowledge of Mexican cosmetics, but I will do my research and try to see if I can get something in. No promises, only because makeup will not be my priority in Cancun! Also on another note, the Italian cosmetics company Kiko has come right to my doorstep so it’s almost like taking the trip to Italy, right? πŸ™‚




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