KIKO in the House! Swatch Shenanigans and a Few Items

The huge “Kiko coming soon” poster in the mall had been taunting me for some time. Finally, they opened up (DC Metro area) and I went into an impulsive swatch-a-thon. Luckily, I was responsible and didn’t go crazy, but I wanted to! Have a look!

Kiko Soft Touch Blush; Top: Dark Rose 105, Bottom:Classic Rose 111

Kiko Intense Colour Eye Pencil L to R: Black 16, Metallic Malachite 9, Metallic Ivy Green 10
Kiko Water Eyeshadow: L to R: Emerald Green 212, Olive Green 209, Burgundy 203
Kiko Skin Evollution Concealer: L to R: Sienna 08, Honey 06
Kiko Double Touch Lipstick L to R: Watermelon 108, Camelia Red 110, Rhododendron Pink 108
Kiko Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker- Top to Bottom: Hot Pink 108, Deep Pink 104, Peach Red 103
Take a guess at what I walked away with?




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