7 Candles I’m Obsessing Over

While things in the makeup world have slowed down considerably for me, I find myself very excited about all the new, and some not so new candles I’ve been coming across. I’ve always really loved candles, but I find as the years go on, they have become an essential part of my wellness. Have a look at some of the candles currently on my mind.

Nest Birchwood Pine Scented Candle and Reed Diffuser Set

I’ve loved Nest’s Birchwood Pine Set for forever and I am happy to see they are now sold in a set with the reed diffuser. I love the smell of pine as it really puts me in the holiday spirit. I imagine the reed diffuser would live in the kitchen, so I can can smell it as soon as I walk through the front door. I blow through this candle so fast, so having the reed diffuser might force me to slow things down and make the candle last a bit longer. You can check out my previous review of this candle here.

Jo Malone Orange Bitters Candle

Jo Malone Orange Bitters | bellanoirbeauty.com

Lady Jo knows what she’s doing when it comes to candle making. Oftentimes, you don’t even need to light the candle to smell it from two feet away. Yes, honey. I missed out on Orange Bitters last year, but that will not happen this year. For me, it’s really hard to do the orange scent without making me scrunch up my nose, but there are a few that know how to make it classy and pleasant. Don’t miss out on this one! I’m picking mine up today!

Ranger Station Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass Candle

Ranger station old fashioned candle

Now here’s a candle company I’ve not heard of, but I’m excited about. Why? Because I love a good Old Fashioned. The best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had was at Joe’s Seafood here in DC. The aroma of the orange and the bitters is heaven for my senses. It pretty sweet, so I only have five or six. Ha! Just kidding. Either way, it has never occurred to me what cocktail smelling candles might be like, 🤔 but Ranger Station might be on to something!

Atelier Cologne Mini Trio Candle Set

Atelier Cologne Mini Trio Candle

While I’m on an orange kick, another candle brand I am aware of that makes a sophisticated orange scent is Atelier. I’ve tried their Orange Sanguine cologne and it smells insanely good. I can imagine that translates over well to their candles. This mini trio candle is the perfect little treat to try three of their candles without feeling like you have to commit to a full size. This would make a great gift too.

AYDRY and Co Scented Candle Trio

ANDRY and Co Scented Candle Set

Another brand that’s new to me comes from AYDRY and Co. I am drawn to these candles primarily because they are a perfect fit for my contemporary black and white bedroom, but also champagne brunch! Perhaps this candle can fill the void of the champagne brunches I haven’t been going to since March? I also really love the smell of Yuzu and I’m hoping these candles have a strong throw.

Jo Malone Scented Candle Set

Jo Malone Scented Candle Trio

If you’re in the market for a gift for the person that has everything, this Jo Malone Scented Candle Set is it! Just in time for the holidays, the set includes Frosted Cherry and Clove, Roasted Chestnut, and Sweet Almond & Macaroon. This set would last the average person throughout the winter. You wouldn’t need to buy another candle for a while. I might treat myself with this for Christmas or a late birthday gift. I deserve it!

Diptyque Floral Majesty Scented Candle

Diptyque floral majesty candle

Diptyque always comes through on the seasonal candle designs. Look how pretty that is! The Floral Majesty Candle is limited edition, as these things usually are, and they tend to sell out fast. This scent attracted me the most of the three releases, as it described as “a bouquet of rare roses with spices and fiery cinnamon.” Excuse me? Yes, right up my alley. These also come in travel sizes individually or in a set, which you can find here.

Diptyque Scented candle trio


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