Complexion Perfection: A New Series Focused on Complexion Products


Hi guys! I just wanted to share with you a new series that I am starting here on the blog called Complexion Perfection. This series will be permanent and will focus on complexion products such as foundation, concealer, setting powders, and other complexion products used for base makeup. I am doing this because I am a huge fan and purveyor of mid-to-high end foundations. The problem is, whenever I want to see what it would look like on someone my skin tone, I am seldom able to find anything. Now, this won’t just be reviews of mid- and high-end foundations, but it is my aim to include all price ranges.

These will be reviews in the same format as my other reviews with the exception of reviews posted prior to 2017, which are written in a more narrative format. Old posts will be updated accordingly, if needed. The reviews will include the following categories:

Skin overview

Type: Oily and imperfect; fading acne scars on cheeks and chin

Texture: Tiny icepick scars on my cheeks; relatively smooth elsewhere

Tones: neutral-to-yellow

This isn’t a category that will change very often for obvious reasons. I will note when I have circumstances or issues that cause changes to my skin, such as weather, consequences of breakouts, etc.

What it’s supposed to do

What the brand claims the product is supposed to do.


Ingredients list when available. I usually don’t post ingredients on makeup, but I realize some people are allergic to some ingredients, so I will make a habit of doing this more often.

How I use it



Wear Time

This category will include tools and techniques as well as wear time and at times, what the formula does on and to my skin.

What I like about it

My personal opinion on the product, including formula, packaging, scent (or lack there of), and whatever else about the product. This category will be YMMV; after all not everyone has the same skin type and texture combination as me.

What could be better

I use this category to be constructively critical of the product, even if I love it overall. If I genuinely can’t find anything wrong with the product, I’ll say so. This isn’t likely with complexion products but sometimes, it does happen!

Joy Factor

How it makes me feel when I use it. I include this category because it’s a huge indicator of whether or not I am likely to repurchase the product or whether it will sit on my shelf and wither away and die. This is usually represented in the form of a gif, which I find is more effective at times.

Where to indulge

Where you can pick it up, if you so choose.

I’ve added a square on the right side of the blog highlighting products that are already a part of this series. I am actually quite excited to be focusing more on complexion products. I hope you’ll follow along, and more importantly, find this useful!


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