Freetress Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Wig Suzie (SOH233144)

Where is Beyonce? I swear I was looking in the mirror and I saw her!

Well, that’s sort of an exaggeration, but I am really feeling myself in this new Freetress Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Wig I purchased!

So fancy!

Right out of the package I noticed how realistic the wig looked. I haven’t worn synthetic wigs consistently in a while and forgot how much they can really mimic human hair. I was afraid that the blonde would make it look silky, but it didn’t. Here are a few pics of the hair, right out of the package:

Look how LONG this sucker is
The color is SOH233144
The parting space

So a few things about the wig: it is a synthetic lace front wig, but you only get a small amount of parting space. And I will need to put some concealer and powder on that part, because it doesn’t match my skin tone. This is the only gripe I have about the wig so far.

The cap in constructed differently than the average lace front wig. There are the two combs in the front and one in the back with the adjustable hooks, but the inside is all tracks except for the part that has lace, which is covered by a mesh material. I actually prefer this difference. It doesn’t affect the wig in any way, I just noticed that difference.

For me, the wig was way too long. It was about a good 26 inches– so I cut it. I chopped a good portion of it off, maybe 8 inches or so. It landed to my bum before and now it’s about bra strap length. It was just way too much. It’s a beautiful wig, and the length definitely made it more beautiful, it was just uncomfortable for me– getting under my arms and stuff. PLUS, I expect it would have been a tangled mess by the end of the day.

Chop chop

I cut off a huge portion, but I don’t think it has compromised the style and color of the hair. I noticed on the part I but, it was more blonde and I have lost that. But I still love it– the way it frames my face, the way the color just brings out my skin tone. And I feel it’s more realistic cut shorter.

The great thing about synthetic wigs are that they can look very natural, they’re relatively cheap compared to human and virgin hair, and the colors can be amazing. I doubt I will ever find a human or virgin hair wig colored as beautifully as this. And if I do, it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg. I definitely recommend this wig and hope to find different styles in this color.

I could be friends with Beyonce with this hair! Ah… wishful thinking!

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  1. Unknown
    May 28, 2016 / 12:23 am

    Adorei mt linda!!!
    Sou aqui do Brasil e conheci seu blog.

    • Bella Noir Beauty
      June 8, 2016 / 1:40 pm

      Thank you! Gracias! (I don't know any Portuguese!)

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