Good Vibrations: The Vibration Iontophoresis Instrument Shrinks My Eye Bags!

Happy Sunday Funday!

So we all know how much I hate my eye bags. That hate turns me into an unreasonable person sometimes, and I end up buying all these products that don’t work. Well, lucky for me, I didn’t purchase this (it was a gift) and I think it actually works! So what is it exactly?

I use the Vibration Ionotophoresis Instrument as a vibrating instrument used to de-puff the area around the eyes. I was skeptical at first because I have used instruments before that claimed to do this, and I felt like an idiot running some metal thing across my face that did nothing. The key here is the vibrations!

What it claims:

  • Significantly improve crow’s feet
  • Improve the bags under the lower eyelid edema (swelling)
  • Dilute black eyes (? maybe this means dark circles?), slow down wrinkles
  • Clean facial ministry skin (?)
  • Pulsating current generates ion function 
  • Acupuncture moxidustion function of micro (?)

Those last three things, I am not sure what they mean… but I basically use it for the first three.

What truly made me want to give this a shot was a sinus attack. I don’t normally have any problems with my sinuses, but I happened to be staying at a hotel recently, and the air in there really triggered some reaction. I was so miserable! I noticed as soon as I left the hotel, I could breathe, didn’t feel all stuffy and lethargic, and my sinuses were all clear! I remember sitting in a meeting just pressing my fingers down on my sinuses under my eyes and around my nose and when I did that, everything felt better. 

Ok, now that you have all that background info, I’ll tell you how I use it.

Right now, I am loving on Mizon’s Multi Function Snail Repair Eye Cream (review coming very soon!) and I use this with it. First, I wash my face with black soap and apply my Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle. I take a small amount of the snail cream (sounds gross but it’s so good!) and dab a bit underneath each eye. I usually tap this area to “wake up” some circulation. Then I use the vibration instrument for about 3-4 minutes on each eye (I wish I could do it longer, but I’d be late for work :-/). 

I do notice a definite “drainage” in that area. I also use it around my smile lines… well, I don’t have those yet, but prevention is key! The ionic claim… well I don’t know about that because it didn’t work for me– literally. There is a positive and a negative option on the instrument, but the negative part doesn’t vibrate; it doesn’t do anything. I don’t know if that is a manufacturing thing, or if that’s the way it’s supposed to work. So I just use the “+” part. 

So what causes eye bags? A lot of things! Mainly for me, it’s many years as a young adult being up late at night; yes, late night shenanigans. I beg of you, get your beauty rest! Because once you get these things, they are almost impossible to get rid of! 

I also don’t drink as much water as I should, that can also help. I find that age-old remedies like cucumbers on the eyes (actual cucumbers, not the gel), and good old fashioned ice helps. Annnnnnd drinking less alcohol! You’ve just got to be willing to do these things and also not be compelled by a hot new miracle cream claiming to make you look younger in 60 seconds. We’re all guilty of it, and I have a hard time sticking to one thing. But this sucker I am keeping around!

Here are a few pictures right after I am finished using it. Of course the bags come back, which makes sense because I *think* the device is just lymph drainage. But I feel like they are becoming less pronounced.

What are your thoughts? Any experience with these devices?



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