HOLY MOLY TOLYMOLY! Timeless Placenta Hydrogel Mask Review

Good day Beauties!

I decided to finally crack open the Tonymoly Timeless Placenta Hydrogel Mask and boy am I glad I did!

This is an absolutely gorgeous mask. I know masks aren’t meant to be pretty but I love this mask just because of the way it looks! It took me a little while to actually get it on my face because it’s so slimy. More slimy than the usual masks which I love!

The mask is separated into two, one part for the top part of your face that covers the nose and surrounds the eyes, and the other part for the bottom that covers your chin and surrounds your lips. I found the mask to be on the small side. To remedy that, I just took some of the excess serum and applied it to the parts of my face the mask did not cover. A point to note is that the serum stays on your hands so I had to wash them after I applied the mask.

Within five minutes of being on my face I could definitely feel a cooling, tingling sensation– something I have NEVER experienced with sheet masks. My pores felt wide open with this mask! Hopefully, they will soak in all the goodness and firm up my skin! Here are the ingredients:

I left the mask on for 20 minutes and rubbed in the excess serum. As the serum completely dried on my face, I could feel the firming in action! After about 30 minutes, I rinsed my face (just splashed water on it), pat dry with a towel and applied my AHA Souffle by Alpha Hydrox. My face felt clean and amazing. Needless to say, I am stocking up on these bad boys! I am also wanting to try the snail hydrogel masks =)

For online purchases, I found it here, here, and here. I will likely get them from Amazon (the last link) since you get 5 masks for around $30 ($6 each, compared to about $10 for one).




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