How I Apply My Blush and Highlighter for a Natural Flush of Color

I’m not very consistent when it comes to trying out new makeup, but as a blogger, why should I be?

I have been very consistent about blush though and in the way I apply it.

I like my blush to be subtle, but apparent. For that reason, I have been applying my blush the same way for many years, regardless of color or brush.

For this particular look, I used Chic from the Nars Unfiltered I Palette and Mac’s Highlight Your Life. I have been using this brush to apply for the past few months and I love it! It’s not too dense, very fluffy, and picks up enough product for you to go back over if you want to. It’s the best blush brush I have owned in a long time.

To apply, I swipe my brush across the product and pat onto my cheeks in a dabbing motion, from the apples all the way up to my temples. When I am satisfied with the pigmentation, I use the same brush for my highlight, but I only swipe the highlighter from the end of my cheekbones up to my temples. Sometimes, I apply highlighter from the corner of my eye to my temples as well.

I have been using this method for years and I find it gives me the most natural look from every angle.

Let me know if there’s a different method you prefer!




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