It Was Lust: Givenchy Prisme Libre Voile Audacieux Loose Powder Review

The first time I laid eyes on Givenchy’s Prisme Libre Loose Powder in Voile Audacieux ($54.00), I felt an overwhelming sense of infatuation. I loved everything about it, from its packaging — especially its packaging — to the different colors, to the idea of the powder itself. I was in love. Or so I thought I was…

My skin type

Oily. Very, very oily. I’ve got moderate acne scarring and larger-than-normal sized pores on my cheeks. Every now and again, I get a few pimples but its mostly hormonal.

What it’s supposed to do

The powder is supposed to be a mattifying and color-correcting loose powder that results in an even and natural finish. The colors in this compact are yellow, apricot, mauve and violet.

How I use it

So the compact comes with this cute little puff that you’re supposed to buff the powder into your face with. I found that this cute little thing should be discarded after a few uses — first, because it becomes covered in makeup (and likely other crap) after so many uses and second, because it doesn’t do a good job of buffing or blending. In the swatch above, I shook the container as directed and patted the powder onto my hand. As you can see, it resulted in just a bunch of white-looking powder on top of my skin. And that’s pretty much what happened when I applied it in this manner to my face.

I used the powder mostly in the morning right after makeup application, but found this to be quite useless. I would just end up look ghostly for 10 minutes before it settled into my skin. Eventually, I started using it during the day as a mattifying powder with a large powder brush when I got oily. Now this is the method that this powder performs at its best. When I bought the powder, the salesperson told me it was more of a finishing powder so I used it as such. But I disagree. Wholeheartedly. Also, Givenchy does not explicitly describe it as such. This powder works well as a mattifying powder for people who get oily during the day.

How long I used it

I’ve been at this thing nearly a month, now. I actually got it 20% off at Sephora during the VIB sale.


Used right after makeup application as a finishing powder, it “lasts” until I get oily, which is usually in the afternoon. Used as a mattifying powder, it does an adequate job. It absorbs oil and although it’s a mattifying powder it has a subtle glow to it and keeps the oil at bay for enough hours before it’s time to wash it my face. I should also mention that I don’t have a need for color-correcting as I don’t have dark circles or experience redness. I do have some acne scars I wish could be color-corrected, and maybe they can, but certainly not with this powder. I also tried this as a highlighter but didn’t fancy it enough to use that way. The powder does have a slight sparkle to it, but it’s not so noticeable as it settles into your skin.

I lusted after this powder before I bought it and wanted so badly to love it. I like that it keeps my oil at bay better than what I use now for that and doesn’t disturb my makeup (which is probably he best part), but in the end, it’s a loose powder and every loose powder will sop up oil.  For what it’s worth, I do love the packaging and the brand has been one of my favorite high fashion brands for a long time; it pulls at my heartstrings still for that reason, but I would say in the end, it’s a loose powder in really fancy packaging. And for that reason I decided to keep it because I deserve that gift to myself.

Where to indulge

Neiman Marcus | Net-A-Porter




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