Life Lately: Second Chances, the 5am Club, and My New Favorite Shop

Nars Banned Red on lips

Happy Friday! Life has been quite good these past couple of months. I’ve had a great start to 2023 and wanted to share what I’ve been up to.

Almost everything I’m wearing in this post is from… Lulus! This brand has been around for quite a while, but I’ve been quite disinterested in clothes shopping for some time. I had a long phase of not wanting to buy anything but work and yoga clothes.

Tomorrow and Always Yellow Burnout Floral Mini Dress

Then COVID hit and I had a bit of weight gain so I found that I couldn’t fit anything. I spent a long time beating myself up over that — convincing myself to just workout, watch what I eat, and fit back into those clothes because there are *so many nice things in suitcase storage* and I need to fit in them because I spent loads of money on them.

Well, it turns out, that kind of thinking did not help me or encourage me to lose weight, it just brought me down and made me feel bad about myself. But that’s another story. I rediscovered Lulus looking for a dress for a wedding last year and felt like in addition to cute, perfect dresses, they also have other cute stuff!

The yellow dress I’m wearing above is the Tomorrow and Always Dress. I bought for a quick trip to South Florida. I felt so pretty and confident in the dress and my eyes just lit up when I saw myself all made up in it. Plus, it was on sale and yellow is my favorite color!

All eyes were definitely on me when I wore the Eyes On Me Black Long Sleeve Tunic Top and the Style Session Blush Multi Plaid High-Waisted Mini Skirt. The reviews of the skirt is really what sold me on the purchase. How cute is this pink, plaid little number? I will say, I did have to exchange it for a larger size which was a bit of a hassle — I hate returning things. The sizing is way off on this one so definitely size up on this one if you get it (I had to get a large). I paired it with my knee high Cole Haan boots and cashmere scarf from Banana Republic.

The top is sooo versatile and I’ve worn it several times to work and for going out. I paired it with the pants below, too after seeing the outfit on the model.

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of pleather pants before now. My goodness, I have been missing out! These stretchy delicious things are the Rock Music Black Vegan Leather Leggings and I wear them every chance I get. My partner never tires of seeing me in them and they are so comfortable! In the photo above, we were in Miami Beach on our way to Carbone (yum 😋 get the rigatoni!!). I wasn’t sure about the top at first but it was muy sexy and I certainly felt that way in it. The top is the Alluring Impulse Wine Red Lace Mesh Bodysuit and size up on this one too (this is a large).

The heels I’m wearing in this post are the Steven New York Jercy Sandal and have an interesting backstory. I hated them and they just sat in my apartment waiting to be returned. The all black ones are out of stock currently but they have different styles in the same sandal. I bought them from Nordstrom Rack. Several months later I tried to return them but had passed the return policy (I didn’t know it was different from Nordstrom’s). So I was forced to keep them and gave them a chance and ended up loving them! They are incredibly comfortable and look good with everything. Hooray for second chances!

I am not a “trend” person and value longevity and stability (I’m a Scorpio I can’t help it) so when the idea popped in my mind to start waking up at 5am, I really had to think hard on it. I can be really grumpy when I don’t sleep well but also more grumpy when I don’t have my alone time. There just didn’t seem to be enough time in the day for me to end it without stress and the ability to get things done. I really had no time for myself and just felt like I was going through life doing the same things over and over and I wasn’t happy about it. Once I decided the optimal way to make that time for myself had to be in the morning, getting up at 5am was easy.

Everything hits different at 5am. It’s quiet, incredibly peaceful, and wholly satisfying. No one bothers you (not even the cat), there’s time for meditation and reflection, and you get to see the sun rise. I don’t have a consistent routine yet, but I’ve found that even if I just sit there doing nothing, it’s still MY time and makes a huge difference in the day. I’m less agitated by things, almost unbothered, and can accomplish a lot before things start moving. There’s something really cathartic about being up before everyone else, just focusing on yourself.

The caveat? You gotta go to bed early! During the week, it’s my goal to be in bed by 9:30 and sleep by 10. I encourage all to try it, even if you think you’re not a morning person. It’s life-changing!



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