Meet Miss Cleo!

Special Girl, Real Good Girl

I’m so happy to introduce you all to my pride and joy — my new kitty, Miss Cleo. I became her forever human on July 31, 2022. She’s a playful, curious, pretty city kitty who loves everyone and loves getting pets and treats. Miss Cleo is approximately 11 months old and is aging like the finest of fine wines.

Biggest Thing in My Itty Bitty World

Don’t be fooled by the cute, cuddly photos alone. Miss Cleo can also be rambunctious and quite vocal at times. She loves hearing herself meow. When I first got her, all her meowing caused me some anxiety because I thought something was wrong. But no. She’s just a very vocal kitty and growing up hasn’t changed that.

Miss Cleo had her first growth spurt around 7 months old. It’s like one day she was so tiny and was 4 lbs every time I weighed her and one day she just blossomed into a cat! She will always be my pretty city kitty, though.

Even Though We Both Fly, We Give Each Other Space And Not The Evil Eye

The zoomies just seem to come out of nowhere! I have a pretty small apartment, yet still Miss Cleo has managed her zoomies. They were more frequent when she was a baby — which by the way, they grow up fast! They were really annoying at 2 am, but she has been so good at night lately and sleeps peacefully with me until right before 5 am, which is when I get up. I’ve come to enjoy both the meowing (at times) and the zoomies, since she’s stopped having middle-of-the-night terrorizers.

Since Mama’s gotta work, Miss Cleo has learned to be independent. Even when I’m home with her, she can play by herself and keep herself entertained. After a while, she will hop on my lap and demand pets and scritches.

She’s Such a Vivrant Thing

I love this girl! She’s such a Vivrant Thing. Vivrant Thing a Vivrant Thing.

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