Psy Energy Factory Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask- Gangnam Style!

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So last night after after I finished prepping my hair for GHE (yes I’m doing that again, and you’ll see why in the next post), I decided to try a sheet mask I was gifted. Sheet masks are typically found in Korean cosmetics stores/websites. This one in particular was loaded with hyaluronic acid, which I LOVE. Pretty much everything I use in my skin care regimen has Hyaluronic Acid in it. It is great for anti-aging and just soft, supple skin in general. 

The mask I was gifted is officially called Psy Energy Factory Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask. 


The instructions were in Korean (I am presuming) so I definitely had to ask how in the heck I was supposed to use it. You pretty much just rip his head off! Haha

Psy Sheet Mask

When you finally get it open it has holes for your orifices and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Psy Sheet Mask
Psy Sheet Mask
Psy Sheet Mask
Psy Sheet Mask
Psy Sheet Mask

I left the mask on for 15 minutes and went about my business, doing other things. 

Let it set for 15 min

The effect– after I removed the mask, my skin felt very soft and TAUT. I massaged the excess serum into my face for a good three minutes and let it just kind of seep into my pores. While the mask was on, I felt a cooling effect. Like my pores were just opening up. It was nice. There was still some leftover serum in the Psy face and I used it the following morning.

I really have no idea what these typically go for. I did a quick google search and found one on Ebay and another from a website I’ve never purchased from before

In a nutshell- I would be willing to try sheet masks again– and I will! I went to New York a couple weeks ago and stocked up on a few different kinds so I definitely have a lot of these to get through. You can’t go wrong with Hyaluronic Acid either!


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