Skin Fixins: Healing with Beauty Story Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are great. My only problem is I only remember to use them on a “lazy” day where I plan to be in the house all day being domestic. It was a great time for me to use a sheet mask also because of the recent sunburn I got on my forehead. I’m starting the peeling stages and I figured it’s a great time to use a sheet mask! I went with a Beauty Story Sheet Mask. I received this as a gift and let me tell you I scoured google of where to find these and I could not find them! The packaging has the company based in Taiwan, and I’m guessing that’s why they are hard to find. The package has a lemon on the front, so I  am guessing it’s lemon! Here’s a pic and the ingredients:

Beauty Story Sheet Mask
Beauty Story Sheet Mask


I hate that I loved this mask so much because I can’t find these for purchase anywhere. I left it on for about 30 min. It really adhered to my face better than any other sheet mask I have ever tried like it was saying, “yes… come to me skinnnn!” It was also one of the largest I have tried, which was surprising because the packaging is pretty small. This mask had enough material to even stretch underneath my chin a bit. I did notice that there wasn’t a lot of serum on the mask, but that didn’t really seem to matter because after I removed it, my face felt so soft and supple! Directly afterwards, I used a recently acquired vitamin c serum I just purchased and that really tightened things up. Even the following day, my skin still felt tight and soft and supple. 

I need to do better with sheet masks and implement them more frequently into my skincare regimen. They are so great and are kind of like a vitamin for your face, or a shot of energy! I always feel so refreshed and like I’ve just treated myself.  It’s also something so easy you can do while doing other things. 


If you are in Taiwan or have some sort of access to these, I highly recommend them. I couldn’t even find them on eBay. I will be keeping my eye out for these!




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