Still Loving Function of Beauty Customizable Hair Products!

I reupped my Function of Beauty hair products this past September and wanted to report that I am still loving their products. I recently transitioned from natural to relaxed hair and my hair is still loving the formula. You can revisit my review of the shampoo and conditioner here.

This time, I went with a different scent, nude peach. I previously chose cucumber mint and I prefer that scent over the nude peach one. The nude peach smells nice but it’s got vanilla vibes to it and I’m not a huge fan of vanilla scents.

I did customize the formula based on my hair type at the time:


coily + coarse + dry


+ deep condition

+ hydrate

+ lengthen

+ anti-aging

+ soothe scalp

I still need all of the goals met for my hair although my hair type has changed. A plus to straightening my hair is that I now use less conditioner than when I was natural, so it lasts longer. The 8 oz shampoo and the 16 oz conditioner was $43.00, and I think shipping was free. If not, it was something like $5.00. For reference, when I was natural and prior to using Function of Beauty, I primarily co-washed my hair, shampooing with something sulfate-free very infrequently.

Give Function of Beauty a try if  you haven’t already and get $5 off your first order!


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