The New Diptyque Fleur De Cerisier Candle Smells Like Your Rich Alter Ego

Diptyque Fleur De Cerisier Candle

Blooming Flowers. Fresh powder. Sophisticated and dainty. New money. That big, beautiful house that you need servants to clean, like from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (even though it was only Geoffrey). Driving a Bentley with the top down wearing big sunglasses and a scarf. These are all the things the Diptyque Fleur de Cerisier Candle reminds me of: luxury. It. Is. Really. Bourgeois.

In English, this is a limited edition cherry blossom candle. Diptyque describes it as floral with fruity notes and musk, but that really doesn’t do this candle justice. This rich and sophisticated candle fills my apartment with a rich, luxury scent that’s a little hard to describe. It doesn’t smell like cherries, but what you would imagine a cherry blossom flower would smell like (they don’t IRL but I wish they did). Your favorite five star hotel wishes it could have this candle as their signature scent.

tree with blossoming flowers

I ordered this candle from the Diptyque website; I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I opened the box and let the candle sit in my night stand for a few days and just as I was hoping, the fragrance lingers without having to burn it.

I’m not a wait for a special occasion kind of person and burn this candle a few times a week.

Diptyque Fleur De Cerisier Candle

Again, the candle is limited edition for spring so once it’s gone, that’s it for the year. Don’t miss out on the Diptyque Fleur de Cerisier Candle!


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