Curing My Super Dry Skin With the Ritual of Ayurveda Balancing Body Cream

I’m on my second jar of this Rituals body cream, The Ritual of Ayurveda and thought I’d share a few  things about this cream.

First of all, I first purchased and tried this out years ago, loved it but didn’t repurchase right away because I had many, many body creams to get through. Fast forward to early this year and my skin started totally revolting against me. Yes, my body skin, not the skin on my face, for once. As someone that has never really had sensitive skin issues, this became very annoying, very quickly.

I went through so many different heavy creams in the winter due to a spell of extremely dry skin (nothing really worked other than layering with lotion, cream, and then an oil), and then my skin started reacting negatively to almost everything I put on it. So I went from having incredibly dry body skin in the winter to itchy, bumpy skin in the spring (and some of the summer). Finally, I remembered how much I loved this cream and repurchased.

I am happy to report that I have had no skin issues with it! No boils, no rashes, no eczema no itchy red bumps, whatever they may be! Only smooth skin and the hypnotizing scent of Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey, which is the description of this particular cream.

I highly recommend this cream for moisture, soft skin, and the joy factor. They have other scents, but this one is my favorite. Check out my Amazon list, Your Best Skin Ever, for more of my favorites in skincare and items I always come back to.


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