This Miracle Hair Cream Made My Coarse Hair Grow

Some of you may recall in a previous post that I mention I had shaved my head. I went from experimenting with bleaching my hair blonde, to a couple months later shaving my head. Which I guess is equivalent to a big chop. Today, I want to share a hair cream that has transformed my hair – Vatika Naturals Hair Cream with Cactus.

Since I shaved my head, I felt like my hair had been growing very slowly. I big chopped in November 2021, and a year later my hair has grown back about 6 inches so far – which is actually normal! But as a person that wants instant gratification, I wanted to see if I could speed things up.

I started using liquid biotin, using castor and other oils, and still felt myself unhappy at the rate my hair was growing. It was only within the last two months that I noticed significant growth I could be excited about.

Finally able to wear my hair pulled back – August 2022

So what’s the deal with Amla cream?

Several years ago, I wrote about an Amla cream and what it had done to my hair. I hadn’t used it in a while, probably because I was wearing wigs a lot and not really taking care of my natural hair that well. But I never forgot the benefits of the cream. When I went back on Amazon to look for the brand I had previously been using, I couldn’t find it anywhere. So, that’s when I took a chance on Vatika Naturals Hair Cream with Cactus.

I started using the cream consistently at the beginning of October and was surprised to see how much thicker my hair had gotten with about an inch of growth.

I use the cream right after washing on damp hair and also while my hair is bone dry. The cream transforms my hair from course, dry, and tangled to soft and manageable. The texture of my hair feels very smooth right after using and I’m able to easily move a wide tooth comb through it without resistance. I was not expecting the amount of growth that I experienced while using this cream, but it certainly is welcome.

This cream, in addition to taking the biotin, washing my hair weekly, and deep conditioning biweekly, has significantly contributed to my hair growth. If you are having texture issues, problems detangling your hair, and experiencing slow hair growth, I highly recommend adding Vatika Naturals Hair Cream to your hair care regimen.


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