The Diptyque Narguile Candle Smells Like the Man of Your Dreams | Review

I have finally bit the bullet and purchased my first Diptyque candle! When I came across the Narguile candle online and read the description of the scent, I just knew I had to have it. It had the masculine, woody/spicy aromas I have come to love and I had been wanting to try scents other than the obscenely popular Baies, which everyone seems to love but I don’t prefer. It sat in my cart for about a month before I decided to go ahead and check out.

Diptyque Narguile |

The candle is wrapped in a white cardboard package. As soon as it’s taken out of the package, the scent makes its way to you, seducing your senses until you’re completely taken, and at some point overwhelmed. Once lit, the aroma of what I imagine is the fragrance someone hotter than James Bond wears comes wafting toward you once the wax has melted all the way across the surface of the candle. Once you see the melted wax along the entire circumference, you’ll notice that the entire room smells like a dream you never want to wake up from. Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on some John Coltrane, and just enjoy the moment. If you’ve got someone to slow dance with, do it.

Now, with all that said, I recommend burning this candle about ten feet away from you. I initially had it burning on my nightstand, but the smell became so concentrated I end up moving it further away from me. I have never experienced a candle where having it next to me was a bit much, but I would much rather have an overly concentrated candle than a struggle-bucket candle that smells like nothing. Again, the candle doesn’t have to be lit for you to take advantage of the fragrance. It also envelops my master bedroom without a problem.

Brand Fragrance Description

A hint of honey, tobacco leaves and a handful of spices. Fragrant volutes curl above a narguile, carrying with them a warm, fruity and honeyed scent.

Diptyque Narguile |

Highly recommended! Diptyque just acquired a new fan!

Where to indulge

Nordstrom  | Neiman Marcus | Bergdorf Goodman | SpaceNK | Bloomingdale’s


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